Gig in England

     Michael has a passion for his Maker and Lord, Jesus Christ. You may see him dedicated to his daily business or family, but he knows that the purpose of this precious life is to share the love of God and to love people.

     Born in Indianapolis, Indiana but raised in Southern California, Michael spent his childhood playing in bands, eventually touring the USa and parts of the world. He came to faith as a teenager, and the love for God took a toll on the 'old' Michael, and all things became 'new'. Upon returning from touring the states, in the 70's, Michael began leading worship in various churches. After Bible college, he and his childhood sweetheart, Cathy, began raising a family. The kids are grown and gone these days, but the passion to bring the message of hope and love will remain.

     With confirmation after confirmation, Michael knew that his life would revolve around music, the music industry, and music ministry. For the next couple of decades, he owned and operated retail music stores, ran music schools, taught guitar, banjo and bass, and became a bona fide business man. It wasn't until the year 2000 that Michael realized he had some creative genes, as in inventive entrepreneurial talents. He conceived and launched the world's first battery operated, clip-on musicians light, better know as The Mighty Bright Musician's Light, distributed worldwide. Maybe symbolic, but Michael jests that 'he takes light to the world' via products and song. Other products soon evolved as time passed, and Michael gives thanks to encouraging friends, and the One from who all good and perfect gifts come 

     Michael and Cathy Farley live on the Rogue River in Gold Hill, Oregon with their menagerie of chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, and a proud peacock. As michael continues his musical career, he ministers in and out of the USA, in schools, colleges, churches, and in private homes. Although he has played and performed with numerous bands, he now focuses on his solo career, along with ministering in music at his home church in Medford.

     Michael is in and out of the recording studio these days, and is honored to work with Grammy Award winner Ron Davis. His most recent project is called "Peace, Be Still (For the love of Hymn)." This CD and others to come will focus on contemporary hymn arrangements with acoustic guitar. This, coupled with original songs, makes for a worshipful listening experience 

Stepping on stage, Michael has a fourfold goal:
1.) To bring a heart of worship

2.) To keep the audience rapt in attention as he shares inspiring stores and timeless hymns

3.) To bring a level of skillful performance

4.) and finally to bring a fun, joyous entertaining experience.

The bottom line is that his Lord and Savior must be honored and glorified.